(1st prize, Writers Forum in 2002)

In her beautiful head, under fiery hair
Behind electric eyes, in a random machine of sparks and pulses
Lie the distant memories of unattainable goals
Childhood fears and the heat of burning desires
And hard lessons learned indelibly etched in unremembered incidents.
That are best left that way.

Beneath her fiery hair, electric eyes spark of burning desires
Unattainable goals and fearful lessons learnt
Unremembered incidents indelibly etched on her beautiful face
The distant childhood memories that lie deep within
Still randomly pulse through waking dreams, a forgotten face, a lost scene.
Best left that way.

The fearful memory of childhood, the burning heat
The electric sparks, the unforgotten face and the incident remembered
Her eyes become distant, shrouded beneath her beautiful hair
In her delicate hand the machine fires randomly towards an attainable goal
The hard face from the waking dreams, indelibly etched in the freezing snow.
Best left that way.

Copyright Diny FvK



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