A Surprise Gift

‘A CARAVAN!’ we gasped
‘Thank you.’ we rasped
What a lovely surprise!
Though I wished, first they’d asked.

It arrived and was parked
On the drive, in the dark
Neighbour’s curtains were twitching
With jealous remarks.

Then a trip with four friends
Camped beside us in tents
To a site quite close by
A trial-run, our intent.

But the pitch was a hillock
And we didn’t bring chocks
Then a freak gust of wind
Blew the front window off!

For a day it was dry, sunny and bright
The howling rain came on our subsequent night.
Then our table-come-bed proved a puzzle too far
When the power went out and we didn’t have light.

So, we packed up and hitched, (as fast as one can)
With three mud-soaked children, our gaffer-taped van
But the short journey home at the end of our trial
Was really the point where our troubles began.

Soot-black and smoking; total destruction
From the nine miles back home with the caravan brakes on!
Discs, shoes and chassis unyieldingly welded
Of course we declared it of faulty construction.

For the rest of the summer we seethed with frustration
Till the new chassis came from its German location
Too late for this year, to our neighbours bemusement
Resolute, we are planning next year’s hotel vacation.

Copyright Diny FvK


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