The Harbinger of Glottenham

The coming of a speeding coach
A squid-ink-black soundless approach
Hidden hop-pickers bathed in sweat
Ignore the horror’s swift beset
The Castle’s future days approach

The Lady’s envoi braves to broach
So slogs his legs up Glotte’nham’s slope
To tell his mistress he regrets
The coming of the speeding coach

As sliding planes of time encroach
The Lady paces round her moat
Her ghostly spectre paid her debt
And now another’s time is set
The harbinger who brings no hope
The coming of death’s speeding coach.

Copyright Diny FvK

Form: Rondeau – a French poetic form with a repeating phrase, can be 10, 13 or 15 lines – mine is 15.
The lines should be 8 syllables except for lines 9 and 15, which should be a repeat of the first 4 syllables of line 1 (I broke this rule – poetic license)

1 A8 (First 4 syllables only are repeated as lines 8 and 15 – (R))
2 A8
3 B8
5 B8

6 A8
7 A8
8 B8
9 R4 (I cheated here and added a full 8 syllables)

10 A8
11 A8
12 B8
13 B8
14 A8
15 R4 (and also here)

The poem is inspired by a real place and a spooky vision.

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