Pen & Ink

My daughter’s head dips
Below the frothy waves
I fail to reach her flailing hands

She is drowned

Anguished tears run rivulets
Down to my torn-apart heart
Swiftly washed aside
By the sharp prongs
Of the hot shower
I stand adrift beneath
Then the door rattles impatiently
And my daughter’s voice
Asks where I put the hairbrush

Dry and safe, not drowned

With vigour I detest my hateful head
It sneaks vile films
Upon my idle mind
My daughters star the fated leads
I act the almost saviour
In scenes inspired
By peripheral glimpses
And the false perception
Of peril

Daily I am dragged
To the precipice of insanity
Auto-play, pause, re-run
In the instant I fail to find
Something interesting
To possess my attention
The brutal show continues
And I am lost once more
In a mother’s nightmare of false memories
Authentic grief

I will not sink in wretched desolation
My mind is mine, I’ll block my ducts
Put head to paper
Transcribe this mental anguish

To merely pen and ink.

Copyright Diny FvK


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