Lots of Haiku (ish)

Pluck thoughts, chuck at paper
Consume hot tea before
Ironing smooth

Sweet girl of ten
Budding frivolity and nonsense
Takes racquet and kills

Husband lost
Leaves widow at dojo
To fight his battles for him

Sun closed doors
Paralysis sets the mind
Free to play cruel scenes

Isn’t it funny
How a syndrome of limits
Lets you speak your mind?

I wish they would all shut up
Then I see they’ve gone
Only my head gabbles on

If I could drink blood
Would the vines be redundant
And my thirst quenched?

Perseverance‘, define it;
Judo in a caste
Or is that ‘Stupid‘?

The mint on my tongue
Disguises the acrid taste
Of my defeat.

Tenderly I undress you
Still, you make me cry
Damn you, my onion!

Typing stopped too soon
A brilliant thought caved in
By a dust speck on my screen.

Kitchen in silence
Only dishes scream loudly
The eating is done

Casting Runes
In hope of guidance
I reel-in only fish.

Hair in summer hues
Bleached white straw, dried earth, sunbeams
Sea, joy and laughter

Waiting impatient
Spring clouds gather above me
Then friend’s smile shines through.

Puberty looms in
The spring between seasons
Where tributaries swell.

Sharp spring-time sun
You’ve finally come to reveal
The prints on my windows.

Swimming whilst wearing tampon
Inside and out.

Copyright Diny FvK

I love the technical aspect of writing to form, so, here’s the info for this one:

Form: Haiku, a traditional form of Japanese poetry.

It works perfectly on twitter because of the minimal word count.

Each poems consist of 3 lines.  There is no rhyme scheme.

Line 1 – 5 syllables
Line 2 – 7 syllables
Line 3 – 5 syllables

Traditional Haiku should have a seasonal word or reference and a cutting line – an image that contrasts with the original image, but not completely off-topic.

Mine, like many other non-Japanese Haiku writers do not all adhere to the thematic rules or even always the syllable count order.

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