I came to search for ghosts
Escape the kids
And sip tea
Under ancient timber and hefty stone
Leaded, diamond panes
Serenaded by pop
Protected from witches
By window-frame circles
In a draughty, ghoul-ridden
Creaking hall
With stairs that go nowhere
Perhaps for the spooks
To enter and leave
Their remnants of life

Closed to the paying public

A crow counts the dead
Loudly on Senlac Ridge
Is silenced
By an onslaught of children
Their pitch
More piercing than a battle cry
Unimpressed by the past
Histrionics over history
As soldiers clatter
Silently by
Companion horses clomp
Unsynchronized, wounded
Ignore the future
They cannot see

While a small dog yaps at thin air.

Copyright Diny FvK

I love the technical aspect of writing to form and theme, so, here’s the info for this one:

I wrote the first half of this poem while sitting in an ancient cafe just outside Battle Abbey, then the second half sitting on a bench overlooking the battle field inside the Abbey grounds.


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