About Misinformed Poet

Hello, my name is Diny FvK; short for Fielder-van Kleeff, which seemed like a good idea when I got married but, after years of having to write my stupidly-long surname on forms, I gave up and shortened it to FvK – possibly in optimistic preparation for having to sign lots of my books ;-).

I live in the seaside town of Eastbourne in South-East England with my three, home-educated daughters, martial-arts obsessed husband, lame German Shepherd dog and two murderous cats.

I am a member of the Poetry Society and the long-standing Downland Poets.

3dfreen2I have a strange affiliation for anything spooky and have been described as ‘a ghost magnet’!

Recently, I discovered that I love writing science-fiction stories (after watching it on tv for my entire life) and in 2016, I self-published my first teen scifi novel, Freen and am now hoping to attract a literary agent for the follow-up novel, Zofantica.

Freen is available to purchase as both paperback and Kindle ebook on Amazon: Freen by Diny FvK

I also blog about my life as a home-educating mother at www.kidonamission.co.uk and have written a book for parents about teaching children how to learn to read.

Please feel free to contact me for poetic commissions, if you would like to discuss my novel, literary representation or for interviews at diny.fvk@gmail.com

Follow my poetic twitterings @MisinformedPoet.