A Letter of Complaint to the Poetry Competition Judges

(Please note: ‘merengue’ as in the latin dance mer-en-gey – has confused some people)

Dismay, is my vein as I craft this letter, hopeful the act will
Write me better. Knowing, while penning each word to the page
That passé is my tag on the stylistic gauge, technical meter
Merengue of prose, torrent of metaphors cleverly chose in the
Poems of winners, story-full lines, poems of stature
Starved of all rhyme

And there lies the catch, my complaint, my obstruction
My compulsion to match; my poetic destruction
To prose in their style, shake my infantile rhythm
To hit the high-brow, ditch the gift I’ve been given
But my brow is low, like the smile of a clown who’s big top
Is down, because the lion tamer was found feeding
His mother-in law to his charges. His wife was in pieces
In the fridge, so they closed, disbanded
Left the poor fellow stranded

So, on behalf of myself, the abandoned clown
The disgraced lion tamer
His digested mother-in-law and his soon to be wife
Please consider the poet’s compulsion to rhyme
And allow them to triumph, some of the time.

Copyright Diny FvK

I love the technical aspect of writing to form, so, here’s the info for this one:

After entering several competitions, I realized that rhyming is not on-trend and got cross, so this is me trying my best to disguise my rhymes in a (hopefully) humorous poem.


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